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Field Team and General Admin in the UK and Spain

My wife, Erika, deals with the general admin and office duties as well as being on the Field Team. She is a step-parent/ step grandparent and enjoys working with young people helping them to realise their full potential.

She always attends camps where we have female attendees.


She has previously been an approved Foster Carer and has attended many courses including Counselling Skills Levels 1 and 2, Bereavement and Loss Counselling Skills, , Children's Workforce Development Council's Skills to Fostering, Three Faiths Training, Allegations Training (fostering), Diversity Awareness in the workplace, Working with Diversity, Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and Children.


Field Support & Instructor in the UK and Spain

Frank has many years experience of working with young people and vulnerable adults in various roles. With an ex military background he has excellent survival skills and bush craft experience.

Frank is now  working as a Reiki Master and  loves being outdoors in a spiritual environment. 

He has a keen interest in music and is also a recognised music producer. He is fluent in German and English and has a working knowledge of Spanish.


UK Field Instructor

Brad is a former member of the Territorial Army for 5 years and has Bush craft and survival skills. Attended First Aid courses. He has a keen interest in working with young people, is CRB checked, is a previously approved foster carer and has gone through the adoption process with his wife Karen. He has attended courses on Drugs and Substance misuse, Allegations Training (fostering), and Exploitation. He is an amateur musician and plays drums in a band. Hobbies include fishing, camping

UK Teen Group Camps 12-17 year olds

All outdoor UK teen group camps are based in North Wales and, as they involve camping and hiking we may use a number of different locations depending on the time of year, weather and the teens themselves. They could be at the remote Arenig wild camping and hiking, the semi-remote Gwern Gef Isaf for camping with basic facilities or at the more relaxed Bont Fechen river side campsite on the North Wales coast. 

One to One camps in Spain

From October 2016 all our bespoke "One to One" camps will be run in the Murcia region of Spain at Fuente Del Pinar, near Yecla, which lies at the foot of the Lacera range and forms a natural step up towards the Castilian Meseta of La Mancha. It consists of an estate of some 1,200 Hectares in area, of great natural interest due to the fact that it lies within a protected area for steppe birds of prey. It is the only place in the Region of Murcia where the Great Bustard can be spotted.

Alicante Airport Pickup/ Drop off service

The closest airport will be Alicante [some 93 km from Yecla] where car hire can be obtained. Access: The junction to the A-14 is off to the right of Yecla/ Almansa road after 12 kilometres. Alternatively, you can use our Pick Up/ Drop Off service for £150.00

Written Report

A written report for parents with information and advice on their young person.

Teencampsuk camps were started in 2008 by myself and my wife to engage young people to explore their real selves away from their home environment.

I have a minimum of 9 year’s post qualifying experience with a recognised agency and have private client's both young people and adults. I am an experienced Counsellor (8 years) specialising in young people, experienced Mediator with young people and families (10 years), experienced Mental Health Advocate in Mental Health and an experienced Mentor with young people. I have been a Director of Mental Health Counselling and a Mental Health Counsellor for teens and adults. I have an MA, B A Hons Degree in Social Sciences and Humanities and a level 5 Diploma in Counselling. My specialised areas in working with teens are bereavement and loss, trauma in childhood, addiction and behaviour.

Both group and private one to one camps are run by myself (and sometimes with the support and assistance of my wife who is also trained in Counselling skills). I have an up to date Enhanced DBS for working with young people and I am fully insured. My wife and I have previously been approved Foster Carers for 8-16 year olds. I  have built my extensive knowledge and experience over the last 8 years working intensively with teens here at Teencampsuk. I have over 14 years experience of working with hard to engage teenagers as an Mentor, Mediator, Life Skills Worker and Counsellor. I believe that my own life experiences are just as important as my professional and academic training in relating to young people. I am Dyslexic and left school at age 15 without any qualifications and was also classed as a "troubled teen". 

I have learned that when parents change, their teens around them change, too.

I am an Integrative Practitioner which means I blend different methods of counselling skills and therapeutic work according to the individual young persons needs. I divide my time between running Teencampuk programmes and working with private clients.


Outdoor therapeutic work is much more than just holding sessions in the outdoors. Everything we do at Teencampsuk is designed to create a therapeutic experience for your teen. Whether your teen is building a fire, collecting wood or speaking with their mentor or hiking with field staff, therapeutic work takes place all day, every day. We call this “real time,” or in the moment.

As many parents already understand, assessment and therapeutic work are not just a matter of sitting down and talking. How teens perform in experiential activities such as mastering hard skills, hiking, and working together provides a more realistic way to view effectiveness of the camp. Is your teen “walking the talk” or just faking it?

Our First Camp 2008

We use the term “hard skills” which refers to specific survival skills teens learn. Some of these hard skills include fire making, map reading, tracking and putting up a survival tent.

Daily exercise and a healthy diet can do amazing things for the body. In outdoor therapy, teens get plenty of fresh air and exercise and can hike around three to seven miles a day. Our diet is basic and bland but nutritionally sound. All camps are "back to basics" whereby your young person will be completely away from all of life's modern distractions (i.e, mobile phones, computers, etc). Your young person will start to learn basic life skills and begin to appreciate what they have left behind.

Courses I have attended:

QAQ Mediation Training, Teen Behaviour Training, Children's Workforce Development Council's Skills to Fostering. Three Faiths Training. Allegations Training (fostering). Exit Training (young people at the risk of sexual exploitation). Working with Gangs. Challenging Behaviour. Bullying Awareness Training. Eating Disorders/ Awareness. Self Harming. Misuse of Substances. Mediation Training. Child Awareness Levels 1 and 2. Domestic Violence. Bereavement and Loss. Anger Management. Mental Health Awareness. Working with Young People. Diversity Awareness. Working with Diversity.


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Chief Executive

Teencamps-UK are the only provider of Teen Brat, Boot and Therapeutic camps in the UK and Spain since 2008.

For UK and International families and their teenagers who want to change for a better future.

Damon Bachegalup BA (Hons), Dip Couns. Author and Teen Behavioural Counsellor/Consultant.

Damon has a current enhanced DBS check and has been working with young people and vulnerable adults for over 16 years as a Teen Behavioural Counsellor/Consultant. 

Our expert advisor is a dedicated professional who provides the highest level of service, discretion and professionalism at all times.

Apart from having the right credentials, extensive training and many years of experience that qualifies him to help and advise young people and their families, he has extensive up to date knowledge and an inside track of what’s happening in his specialist field.

Damon’s innate understanding of his clients’ needs, challenges and aspirations allowed him to create a truly bespoke service, and highlighted the opportunity to assist his clients in other areas.

View his professional profile at linkedin.com

His camps can offer sustainable solutions to UK and International families struggling to manage young people with behavioural problems.

Our Camp Aims -

To assist, encourage and empower young people in order to enable them to take greater control of their lives.

To engage young people to explore their real selves away from their home environment and their peer group.

This is achieved by using a therapeutic approach, responding to their individual needs.

Camp Objectives –

The camps are based on physical, mental and personal/ group work challenges in the outdoors which can develop the individual’s inter-personal skills, self-discipline and self-confidence.

To increase self-esteem and instil a sense of self-worth which can underpin a positive contribution to society.

To raise confidence in young people who may be experiencing many issues that affect their learning and to always encourage active participation.

To promote community cohesion and to enable young people to become more sustainable within their families, peer groups and education.


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