Quotes Hi Damon- Lovely journey back with C. He has a lot of respect for you and he really feels he wants to embrace change. Thank you for the time you gave him and the change is there- the rest is down to us now. Quotes
C's dad
Happy parent

Quotes "This place is not a punishment. It's a place to disconnect from the stress of life and build a new character within you. I have grown from a boy to a man" Quotes
Shehz age 15
young person who attended 2016

Quotes "It's a good experience but the weather is pretty bad at times. Overall it's a good place to be and the food is great. Damon is a genuine guy who understands what you will be going through" Quotes
Spencer age 14
young person who attended 2016

Quotes It's J, just want to say cheers for that.. I enjoyed it a lot Quotes
young person who attended

Quotes Dear Damon/Erika Thank you for your report. We must say, this is probably the most useful report we have had on T. Clearly you got him and understood him. Thank you also for making sure that T had a positive experience. He certainly seems to have come back a little more mature than before he went. We have still a lot of work to do with him, but your report and suggestions will be useful as we deal with his issues. We would not hesitate in sending him back to you next year Quotes
Mum and dad
You got him and understood him

Quotes We are happy to let you know that M was doing well after the camp. We are really happy with your intervention, since it did change the situation for the better. Of course, there is some room for improvement and we also have experienced some difficult episodes, but those were manageable and of very short duration. M seems to be very much better now. The areas where the changes are more evidents are: the depression or depressive state -after he returned, he immediately looked much happier, more communicative and a bit more self-confident. The teachers noticed that change as well, and mentioned that he started to make more eye contact than before. He started playing and talking much more with his brother, and with us. In summary, he underwent a clear good and significant change, especially in his emotional and behavioural status. Quotes
Thank You

Quotes Dear Damon You will recall that a couple of years ago a young man called A spent some time under your care in Wales. I'm very pleased to report that he's now graduated from college and doing very well, thanks almost certainly to you. Would you consider offering the same assistance to his brother who has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactive disorder and behavioural difficulties?. Quotes
Now want to send sibling

Quotes Dear Damon Thank you so much for the help and support you provided to us!!! Thank you for taking care and mentor M during this time. During the weekend family camp, I got several insights that I believe will help me and my family to better function as a family from now on We will go through your notes and try to apply your feedback as much as we can It seems now that F and I have started to learn how to interact with Martin in a better way. We need also learn how to put all this into action. We will let you know how much progress we do in this. Once again, thousands of thanks! As I mentioned, there are things that money cannot buy, and your help in this family situation was one of those: we appreciate your dedication and involvement. Thank you!!! Quotes
Very Happy Parents
Thank You

Quotes Thank you for provding M with such an amazing ad challenging exerience, I will be in touch with Damon over the course of the next few days to explore the potential of recieving a specific report to display the nature of his personal development that he can them put towards some of his ASDAN awards and CV for further education application. Thanks again and hopefully he can build on on the skills and resilience that you have helped him to develop and apply them into many other contexts in his life. Quotes

Quotes Hi Damon A few years have gone by since I sent T off with you for the week. I can honestly say it was the hardest thing I have ever done but it was the best decision I made. T has developed in to a lovely young man and is very different to the boy I brought to you. He is doing well at school getting A's & B's in his GCSE's and has started his A level courses. We have a really nice relationship now and it is a pleasure to spend time with him. I have no doubt that the time spent with you and your colleague was the vital catalyst to help him move forwards in life and release the anger and sadness that he was drowning in. The report you sent outlining my role and responsilities was useful to take on board. I also did a parenting course which helped me immensly. I would recommend that it is something all parents do. Anyway I don't mean to ramble. I just wanted to say hello and let you know that T is going from strength to strength. Quotes
Satisfied Mum
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