Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I apply for my teen to be considered for your camp?

Our Process

1) To apply for a place please complete our online Application Form. If you are successful then you will be required to make payment in full within 24 hours to secure the place.


Q. How long have Teencampuk been running programmes?

A. I ran my first programme in October 2008 and have been running programmes since then.


Q. What kind of experience do you have in with working with Young People?.

A. I am a teen Counsellor, Life-skills, Behaviourist, Mentor and Mediator with over 3000 hours of face to face counselling. My expertise is in working with teenagers, parents and families using counselling, life skills coaching, mentoring and family mediation. I have over 16 years of experience working with teens.

Courses I have attended-

IMHEP Training

QAQ Mediation Training

Three Faiths Training

Allegations Training
Working with Gangs and Challenging Behaviour
Bullying Awareness Training
Eating Disorders/Awareness
Self Harming
Misuse of Substances
Child Awareness Levels 1 and 2
Domestic Violence
Bereavement and Loss
Anger Management
Mental Health Awareness
Working with Young People
Diversity Awareness
Working with Diversity


Q. Many good teens, that make bad choices and end up in trouble, often are not supported or are from dis-functional families, which inflame the situations. As most teens have not reached the age of majority the parents are still culpable, so how do you deal with the families/parents?
A. For the time that the young person is away on the programme it is very important that the family (i.e. parents, care-givers) are willing to change the way that they relate to the young person. If the parents are unwilling to change their ways and behaviours then the programme will have very little benefit. The written report (optional extra) that I offer will give guidance, pointers, techniques and tools in managing the young persons behaviour going forward. I can also offer ongoing sessions via Skype as an optional extra.

Q. What place does religion take with your camp? The USA camps seem very Christian.
A. Religion is not a consideration on who attends my programmes. I only ask for the religion on the booking form so that I can be mindful of the young person's religious requirements (i.e. specific religious traditions, food, prayers, mixing with the opposite sex etc.).

Q. What is the difference between your programme and the American Brat camps?. Is 7-14 days enough time?
A. On the American programme the Counsellor/ Therapist is only there to work for a maximum of 2 hours per day. The difference is that I focus on the therapy and behavioural aspect with the individual. I am with the young person 24 hours a day from the time they arrive to the time they leave. I work with teens therapeutically (either covertly or overtly) throughout their time with me so therefore if at 3.00am sat around a campfire watching the stars is the right time for the young person to talk and open up then I am there to work with them. My programme runs from a minimum 7 days, however, I have had young people for up to 12 weeks.

Q. Are children from  other countries accepted at your camp?.
A. I accept applications for young people from all over the world.

Q. What type of young people can you help?

A. Our young people could best be described as "good children who are making bad decisions and choices". Teenbratcampuk is especially helpful to troubled teens who may struggle with a variety of emotional and behavioural concerns including family issues, loss and bereavement, addictions and relationships.


Q. Why should we trust you with our son/daughter?.

A. I have a current enhanced DBS check and have been working with young people and vulnerable adults for over 16 years.


Q. Can we have contact with our son/daughter on the programme?.

A. Due to our remote field location, telephone calls are generally not permitted as this would break the continuity of the programme, however, you may contact us weekly by phone or text and either we will update you on your young persons progress or you will be able to talk to your young person, if they wish to do so.


Q. Is there any financial help available to fund your programme?

A. Unfortunately there is no financial help available that we are aware of.


Q. How long do most young people stay?

A. The minimum stay is 7 days, however, the average stay can be up to 14 days or longer. Some young people may need to stay longer, depending on how quickly they respond to the programme.


Q. How can I make the payment ?

A. All payments can be made through on our Payment Page or by BACS

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  • "Thank you very much for this past two weeks that I spent in the Teenbratcampuk. It's been one of the best experiences of my life. It definetly made me look at changes, and chang..."
    Alex from Portugal
  • "Hi Damon and Erika, thanks for all the help you have given me, I am very grateful, although things at home were still the same the first day when i got back."
    Young Person

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