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Services available are :-

** Individual/ Family Therapeutic Home Intervention in UK or International in the privacy of your own home.

** Individual Therapeutic Retreat in Spain and the UK (12-17 years old)  

** Online Skype Consultancy sessions (Counselling, Mediation, Psychotherapy, Mentoring).

** Male UK Group Camps.

** Male Spain Group Camps.

We offer bespoke packages for teen therapeutic camps incorporating mental health, life skills, self confidence, resilience, self esteem, group work and team building. Please note that the camps do not include additional activities and are not activity based. 

Your young person can work through their issues with Damon, Teen Behavioural Consultant, on our teen therapeutic camps. They may prefer an intensive individual therapeutic retreat or a group camp to be amongst other young people. On both camps we can offer consultancy, counselling, psychotherapy, art therapy and other therapeutic interventions as part of a general wellbeing programme to help teens mentally and physically unwind.  

Teencamps-UK was established in 2008 after identifying a lack of specialist help and support for teens, parents and families in the UK and internationally and I have been in private practice since 2006.

Teens on my camps could best be described as "good teens who are making bad decisions and wrong choices". 

We also offer online Skype Consultancy Sessions offering Teen Counselling, Family Counselling, Couples Counselling and Family Mediation.

We are the only provider of Teen Behavioural and Therapeutic camps in the UK and Spain and have helped hundreds of young people and their families. Our camps are specifically designed to help young people who have the desire to want to make changes to have a better home life.

For UK and International families and their teenagers who want to change for a better future.

Getting specialist help for 12-17 year old teens/ young adults and their parents/ families is often a frustrating and emotionally draining endeavour. Very few parents have any idea of where, when or how to get appropriate help for their teen.

As we know, unfortunately, teens/ young adults do not come with an in-depth instruction manual which can be used to refer to from time to time and at times of challenging behaviour. 

See my  Handbook for Parents.


Teencamps-UK offer sustainable solutions to families struggling to manage young people with problems. It can be effective for both male and female young people of different ages, economic status and cultural backgrounds and also for their families. I am a teenage behavioural consultant and I work with young people outdoors using a mixture of therapeutic approaches, my own life skills, mentoring and mediation skills to identity what's best for the teenager, as I truly believe that one size does not fit all.

I have an up to date Child Protection Policy. and we hold a Safeguarding Children Certificate 2020, Mental Health Awareness Certificate 2020, Life Coaching Diploma 2020 and 

Mindfulness Diploma 2020.