Individual Online Sessions 

Are you feeling challenged by your young person and are unsure of what to do next?

If so, the Online Counselling service may be of benefit to you.

Due to the high demand from families and young people who would prefer to be in their own environments and feel more comfortable whilst seeking help we are now offering this new Online Counselling service.

This will be an online service by video call using the secure networks of Skype or Messenger.

Many families find this useful if they are considering sending their young person to a camp or if the young person has already been successful in obtaining a place on a camp as it gives the young person and family a chance to get to know me and to put things in place before we meet in person.


I, Damon, will provide you or your young person advice and guidance advising you how to make positive changes to help to improve your family situation. 

From experience we know that being equipped with the right tools and information can quickly change things for the better.

My ethos is that "One size does not fit all" and therefore I will find the right approach for each individual and family by using my non judgemental skills, listening techniques and helping you and your young person to find their own answers and to come to your own conclusions.

Some of my techniques and problem solving issues are featured in my book, Damon Bachegalup "The Parents with Teenagers Handbook" (Paperback), published by Lulu.

The price for this service is £50.00 GBP for a 50 minute session of online counselling.

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To discuss your own personal family needs please email me, Damon, at

or call me direct on 07765 988397