Hello , just wanted to say thanks , P seems to have more get up and go , she has applied for college and tells me she has a plan !! alls well that ends well and she does look healthy and lovely , so thanks again K xx 05/08/2019

We just wanted to say thank you to you and especially Damon for arranging and taking A on your camp. The experience was good for him and it seems to have opened him up a little at home. It was good for him to get away for the week and have his own space with his own thoughts. The most important is that he enjoyed Damon’s company and felt very comfortable talking and just being with him. SA  24/04/2019

 Thanks for everything you did for Tyler on your camp, he has gone from strength to strength. Gareth P 24/03/2019

My son Harvey A (now aged 14) , was on a teen camp 2 years ago in the Summer, and I feel he will benefit from going on another one. 25/03/2019 

"Thank you very much for this past two weeks that I spent in the Teencampsuk. It's been one of the best experiences of my life. It definitely made me look at changes, and changes for the future, and it made me look at where I want to be in the future.
Alex from Portugal

"Hi Damon, That's tremendous - thanks again for accommodating this last minute booking and the non standard close out - much appreciated. Regards,
Parent "

"My considered response it this, thank you from the bottom of my heart Damon and Frank. "A" continues to remain cheerful and communicative, he is engaged in his school work, self motivated towards homework, has begun to volunteer to help with household tasks and spends longer at the family meal table and chats about school project with our other teenagers. He is more inclined to engage in family activities, happily joined us on a recent family theatre trip, he comes on dog walks, volunteered to baby sit his cousin and is going to join us on a family ski trip in the New Year... Despite not previously enjoying it, to give it one more go!
The icing on the cake arrived in the form of an email from his RP teacher last week,  she has been so impressed with his new approach to his school work this term she felt inclined to drop me a line to tell how pleased she was with his new found focus and maturity, having seemed to have overcome his earlier difficulties.
So all in all Damon, I'd say it is the results that count and speak for themselves and so far as a direct result of your programme and the safe space and guidance you and Frank gave "A" to take a view on his life and the consequences of his choices we have the old, happy, funny,  "A" back in the building! 
Thank you so very much for what you do, for being the person who has identified the issues young people are coping with and actually provides a solution that works and give results.
With gratitude and much appreciation, thank you"
Sherrill x

" We are happy to let you know that "M" was doing well after the camp. We are really happy with your intervention, since it did change the situation for the better. Of course, there is some room for improvement and we also have experienced some difficult episodes, but those were manageable and of very short duration. "M" seems to be very much better now. -after he returned, he immediately looked much happier, more communicative and a bit more self-confident. The teachers noticed that change as well, and mentioned that he started to make more eye contact than before.  He also recognizes and accepts the rules much easily. In summary, he underwent a clear good and significant change, especially in his emotional and behavioural status.
Thank you"
Mum & Dad

"Evening Damon, hope life is treating you kindly. Just wanted to send you a update on K, she completed her 11 GCSE's last year A* and some A's and a B. She is going to college and is working she is very happy now. We speak and texts daily and now have a good relationship. Thank you for the past 4 years with advice over the difficult teenage years.
satisfied Mum"

"Judging from T's attitude and behaviour since his return, its fair to say we have seen a marked improvement in his outlook and attitude generally, so from this aspect alone, we can consider the week a success and are grateful for that.
Thanks Matt- Dad"
"Hi Damon Just a short line to say that J has been great at home, there has been an improvement in his behaviour, no problems getting up in the morning, not a cross word has been had and it has been really nice to have J be J!! J has been responding when asked to do things and is better organised which reduces as some would say stress. Thank you for the time and energy that you put in with J during the week away, it is very much appreciated and i understand it is not an overnight fix but we have all been a little more patient and listening more too.
Thank You"

"Hi Damon I would like to express my thanks for all the help you and your wife gave to A. I have purposefully waited a few months before getting in touch to see how things settled down after A visit to you. I can honestly say that when she returned we sat down and had a fantastic chat, she apologised to me for treating me the way she had been which, for A was a huge step, to take responsibility for her own actions. That is something we have been trying to instil in her for a long time. I also apologised for any short comings i may have had as a parent and I explained to her that by no means am i nor her father perfect and we make mistakes too. Anyway, we agreed to wipe the slate clean so to speak and start afresh from when she came back. This resulted in her getting all her privileges restored and allowing her some freedom to meet with pals, having the house to herself etc.

"Dear Damon Thank you so much for the help and support you provided to us!!! Thank you for taking care and mentor M during this time. During the weekend family camp, I got several insights that I believe will help me and my family to better function as a family from now on We will go through your notes and try to apply your feedback as much as we can It seems now that F and I have started to learn how to interact with "M" in a better way. We need also learn how to put all this into action. We will let you know how much progress we do in this. Once again, thousands of thanks! As I mentioned, there are things that money cannot buy, and your help in this family situation was one of those: we appreciate your dedication and involvement. Thank you!!!
Very Happy Parents
Thank You" 

"Dear Damon You will recall that a couple of years ago a young man called A spent some time under your care in Wales. I'm very pleased to report that he's now graduated from college and doing very well, thanks almost certainly to you. Would you consider offering the same assistance to his brother who has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactive disorder and behavioural difficulties?.
Now want to send sibling
Mother "

"Hi Damon A few years have gone by since I sent T off with you for the week. I can honestly say it was the hardest thing I have ever done but it was the best decision I made. T has developed in to a lovely young man and is very different to the boy I brought to you. He is doing well at school getting A's & B's in his GCSE's and has started his A level courses. We have a really nice relationship now and it is a pleasure to spend time with him. I have no doubt that the time spent with you and your colleague was the vital catalyst to help him move forwards in life and release the anger and sadness that he was drowning in. The report you sent outlining my role and responsibilities was useful to take on board. I also did a parenting course which helped me immensely. I would recommend that it is something all parents do. Anyway I don't mean to ramble. I just wanted to say hello and let you know that T is going from strength to strength.
Satisfied Mum" 

"Dear Damon/ Erika Thank you for your report. We must say, this is probably the most useful report we have had on T. Clearly you got him and understood him. Thank you also for making sure that T had a positive experience. He certainly seems to have come back a little more mature than before he went. We have still a lot of work to do with him, but your report and suggestions will be useful as we deal with his issues. We would not hesitate in sending him back to you next year
Mum and dad
You got him and understood him" 

"This place is not a punishment. It's a place to disconnect from the stress of life and build a new character within you. I have grown from a boy to a man"
Shehz age 15 
young person who attended 2016

"It's a good experience but the weather is pretty bad at times. Overall it's a good place to be and the food is great. Damon is a genuine guy who understands what you will be going through"
Spencer age 14
young person who attended 2016

"I would just like to thank you for the week 24th to 30th October 2008 on the One-to-One programme. I would like to mention just how much I appreciated it all". 
young person

"Things as you suggested have been quite strained from the moment we arrived home, however, B returned to school on the Monday whereby I gave the Deputy head a summary of the week away and told him how positive I was about her future life at school. The school have now implemented the get out of class card, a reduced timetable, 6th form mentoring & regular careers talks with a view to going on day release in yr 10 potentially taking a veterinary course. B is very positive about this and so far no incidents which is great".  
Satisfied Mother

"At first he was showing a lot of resistance (kept shouting) And then 2 days ago he seemed to have a breakthrough when he started talking about compromise and understanding things from my point of view and we should talk things through. And yes it is about compromise . T, does seem ?lighter? but there is still lots to be done. Pleased to report that I have managed to get him interested in the Air Cadets and he is going to start there tonight as he is now old enough to join. A small step in the right direction and as well as flying, shooting, camping and abseiling they also have a football team. T, says it sounds like scouts but better. I am aware that I need to get a different perspective on my relationship with T. Also a big, BIG thank you to you and Peter, I really appreciate that you too were stuck in the middle of nowhere, wild camping so that you could help T. "
Satisfied Parent

"Dear all, following a recent conversation with Damon from the Teenbratcamp.uk provision, I am enthused to say that this intervention would be EXREMELY beneficial to M right now in terms of supporting him build his resilience, make healthier choices and receive some therapeutic input away from his local environment."