UK Male Group Camps for ages 12 to 17

UK telephone number; 07765 988397


All outdoor UK male group camps are based in North Wales and, as they involve camping and hiking we may use a number of different locations depending on the time of year, weather and the teens themselves.

Please note that a Teencamps-UK is NOT an activity holiday with specific activities.

All camps are "back to basics" whereby your young person will be completely away from all of life's modern distractions (i.e., mobile phones, computers, etc.). Your young person will start to learn basic life skills and begin to appreciate what they have left behind.


I strive to let teens learn as much as possible from the consequences of their actions as I feel that a lesson learned through hands-on experience is far more valuable than compliance with a rule established by an authority figure. I know that teenagers can be heavily influenced by their peers in both positive and negative ways so therefore I only have small numbers from a minimum of 2 up to a maximum of 5 on group camps (see our Terms & Conditions.) 

I am with your young person for 24 hours a day from the moment they arrive to the time they leave. I will work with your young person in helping them to recognise the long-term value of their experiences here on my troubled teen camp and by looking at the reasons for their behaviour and how they can make changes for the better. 

The camps are also an opportunity for your young person to experience a "Digital Detox"  from online gaming, social media, computer games, mobile phones, any  other electronic devices and to completely disconnect from the modern world.

The problems encountered may include issues such as; adoption, being fostered, family breakdowns/ disputes, relationships, trouble at school/ college, loss and bereavement, depression, anger issues, self-harming, bullying, mental health issues, eating disorders, drug issues, alcohol issues, addictions (including Social Media and Online Gaming), behavioural disorders, ADHD/ ADD, OCD, aggression, violence and trauma, computer issues or even that they are acting like a spoilt child ( "spoilt brat") which is when an adolescent exhibits behavioural problems.

During their stay your young person will learn and experience for themselves co-operation skills, working as a team, self reliance, manners, respect for adults, the family and themselves, actions and consequences both positive and negative

 (e.g.       Collect wood = being able to make a fire =  eating hot food

Don't collect wood = being unable to make a fire = not eating hot food)

Therapeutic Work

I individually tailor the therapeutic work to the individuals needs and the many complicated issues that they may be experiencing.

 The therapeutic work is Person Centred based using aspects of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt, Solution Focused and also Brief Therapy depending on the individual's personal issues and their participation in in-group and one-to-one sessions.

 Talking is also used which will help a young person to understand themselves (and their present position within family, peer groups and social settings) so that they are eventually able to resolve their own issues. Non verbal therapy can also be used if needed (i.e. art, music, creative writing).

Our camps are specifically designed to help young people and therefore those who refuse or resist help offered or cause problems for other attendees will be asked to leave and will be removed from camp.

Teencamps-UK will work closely with families to ensure appropriate support mechanisms are in place for when they return to their home environment.

Why should my teen attend your camp?

Teencamps-UK is the 1st step in helping to find a new way to manage your teen. Teens can feel vulnerable and daunted by the thought of attending a programme, however, attending a programme should not be seen as a punishment but rather as an opportunity for them to be away from everything for a short period and to work with someone who is there to listen, support and (if needed) to challenge them in order to help them with their behaviour. This will enable them to deal with the things that are causing their problems in a more positive and constructive way so that both they and their family can move forward. 

How would I get my teen to attend your camp?

Nearly all families who enquire about my camps have concerns on how to get their teen to attend.

I haven't yet met a young person who actually wanted to attend and looked forward to going. However, I would advise that you ask your teen how much their family means to them and what would they be willing to do to try to make things better. if they answer "I'll do anything" or "I'm not sure or don't know" then you can take the opportunity to explain to them that you would like them to attend for both of your benefit, to be able to move forward in the future.

86% of families and young people say that attending our Teen programme has been a very positive experience. Testimonials

If you have any questions please see FAQ's page for details.


For your young person to be considered for a place on one of our camps please complete our online Application Form


** PRICES FOR 2018 **

UK Male Group Camp @ £1600.00 per person per week. 

 Optional Extra:-  Written Report @ £240.00

Optional Extra :-  Telford Pick up/ Drop off service @ £160.00

Aftercare by Skype is also available @ POA




 7th - 13th April 2019  Currently 4 Places Available

14th - 20th April 2019  Currently 4 Places Available