UK Male Group Camps for ages 12 to 17

All outdoor group camps are based in North Wales and as they involve camping and hiking we may use a number of different locations depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

All UK camps are "back to basics" whereby your young person will be completely away from all of life's modern distractions (i.e., mobile phones, computers, electricity etc.) and your young person will start to learn basic life skills. 

Damon (Head Counsellor and Founder of Teenbratcampuk and Teencamps-UK) is in attendance at all camps from start to finish.


Outdoor therapeutic work is much more than just holding sessions in the outdoors. Everything we do is designed to create a therapeutic experience for your teen. Whether your teen is building a fire, cooking, collecting wood, speaking with me or in a group, therapeutic work takes place throughout the day, every day. Daily exercise and a healthy diet can do amazing things for the body in a short period of time and on our outdoor therapy camp teens get plenty of fresh air and exercise. Our diet is basic, healthy and nutritionally sound and is mostly cooked over the camp fire.

Our Camp Aims -

To assist, encourage and empower young people in order to enable them to take greater control of their lives.

To engage young people to explore their real selves away from their home environment and their peer group.

This is achieved by using a therapeutic approach, responding to their individual needs.

Camp Objectives

The camps are based on physical, mental and personal/ group work challenges in the outdoors which can develop the individual’s inter-personal skills, self-discipline and self-confidence.

To increase self-esteem and instil a sense of self-worth which can underpin a positive contribution to society.

To raise confidence in young people who may be experiencing many issues that affect their learning and to always encourage active participation.

To promote community cohesion and to enable young people to become more sustainable within their families, peer groups and education.

I strive to let teens learn as much as possible from the consequences of their actions as I feel that a lesson learned through hands-on experience is far more valuable than compliance with a rule established by an authority figure.

I know that teenagers can be heavily influenced by their peers and social media in both positive and negative ways so therefore I only have small numbers on each group camp - from a minimum of 1 up to a maximum of 4 in Spain and a minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 in the UK (see our Terms and Conditions page).

I am with your young person from the moment they arrive to the time they leave. I will work with your young person in helping them to recognise the long-term value of their experiences here on my troubled teen camp and by looking at the reasons for their behaviour and how they can make changes for the better. 

The camps are also an opportunity for your young person to experience a "Digital Detox holiday"  from online gaming, social media, computer games, mobile phones and any  other electronic devices and gives them a chance to completely disconnect from the modern world.

The problems encountered may include issues such as:-

Behavioural issues and disorders, ADHD/ ADD, ODD, aggression, violence and trauma, narcissistic behaviours, anger issues.

Mental health issues, eating disorders, drug issues, alcohol issues, addictions (including Social Media, Online Porn and Online Gaming).

Adoption, being fostered, family breakdowns/ disputes, relationships, trouble at school/ college.

Loss and bereavement, depression, self-harming, gender dysphoria, coming to terms with sexuality, social isolation, suicidal thoughts, bullying, computer misuse issues or even if you feel that they are acting like a spoiled child ( "spoiled brat" can refer to when an adolescent exhibits behavioural problems as per Collins English Dictionary).

During their stay your young person will learn and experience for themselves co-operation skills, working as a team, self reliance, manners, respect for adults, the family and themselves, actions and consequences both positive and negative.

Therapeutic Work

I individually tailor the therapeutic work to the individuals needs and the many complicated issues that they may be experiencing.

 The therapeutic work is Person Centred based alongside using aspects of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt, Solution Focused and also Brief Therapy depending on the individual's personal issues and their participation in in-group and one-to-one sessions.

 Talking is also used which will help a young person to understand themselves (and their present position within family, peer groups and social settings) so that they are eventually able to resolve their own issues. Non verbal therapy can also be used if needed (i.e. art, music, creative writing).

Our camps are specifically designed to help young people who have the desire to want to make changes to have a better home life and Teencamps-UK will advise the families how to ensure appropriate support mechanisms are in place for when they return to their home environment.

Why should my teen attend your therapeutic holiday camp?

Teencamps-UK is the first step in helping to find a new way to manage your teen. 

Teens can feel vulnerable and daunted by the thought of attending a programme, however, attending a programme should not be seen as a punishment but rather as an opportunity for them to be away from everything for a short period and to work with someone who is there to listen, support and (if needed) to challenge them in order to help them with their behaviour. 

This will enable them to deal with the things that are causing their problems in a more positive and constructive way so that both they and their family can move forward. 

How would I get my teen to attend your camp?

Nearly all families who enquire about my camps have concerns on how to get their teen to attend.

I would advise that you ask your teen how much their family means to them and what would they be willing to do to try to make things better. if they answer "I'll do anything" or "I'm not sure, don't know or don't care" then you can take the opportunity to explain to them that you would like them to attend for both of your benefit, to be able to move forward in the future. Young people must view the camp as an opportunity and be at least willing to attend, engage and fully participate. 

87% of families and young people say that attending our Teen camp has been a very positive experience. Testimonials

All 7 day camps run from Sunday to Saturday inclusive (unless otherwise agreed). 

Included in the price for the duration of the camp are individual and group therapeutic sessions and includes tent, roll mat, food, mess tin and water bottle.

If you have any questions please see FAQ's page for details.

** APPLICATION FORM **   ** Please note that we do not accept applications from external third parties **

We have an Application process which enables us to hand pick the young people that we feel would benefit from our unique service. 

For your young person to be considered for a place on one of our camps please complete our online Application Form

Online Skype sessions are also available before and after a camp @ £120.00 per 60 minute session payable by BACS.

*** DATES AVAILABLE 2022 ***


7th - 13th August  - UK Male Group Camp @ £1800.00 per week  FULL

14th - 20th August - UK Male Group Camp @ £1800.00 per week  FULL

21st - 27th August - UK Male Group Camp @ £1800.00 per week  FULL

** Optional Extras **

 Written Report @ £320.00 

Alicante Pick up/ Drop off service @ £180.00 - Spain camp only

UK telephone number; 07765 988397